Your story is vital. Tell it well.

Culture change is the ultimate path toward transforming people’s lives for the better, and well-researched, well-illustrated stories of change can help light the way. Nonprofit organizations have a critical role to play in gathering and sharing such stories.

You are:

  • A communications director
  • A foundation manager
  • A private funder
  • A consultant to grantmakers
  • An advocacy organization

Story U delivers to you:

  • Single story
  • Story bank (series on a theme)
  • Multimedia stories

Working closely with your local partners and frontline advocates, Story U brings to the community:

  • A focused opportunity to shape and share their story
  • Practical storytelling skills and resources
  • Hands-on learning in writing and photography
  • One-on-one feedback and mentoring
  • Plus: Training in storytelling approaches to program evaluation

Story U is:

  • Professional, with 25 years of successful nonprofit communications experience
  • Mobile, traveling to communities in California and beyond for stories of depth and authenticity reported firsthand
  • Customized, because your needs, like the constituents you serve, are unique
  • Collaborative, committed to the clients and community participants we work with feeling good about the process and the final product
  • Nimble, an efficient, one-person operation maintaining a light footprint, low overhead, and a personal touch

Contact me about the stories you could tell.